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As summer comes to a close, children and their families nationwide are preparing to head back to school and break open the books. Now is the time to get them ready to go back to school and set them on the track for a successful school year! Here are our 5 tips to help your children get back into the swing of the school year



Establish Healthy Sleep Routines

Don’t wait to do this until the night before the school year. Instead, take the time to establish a healthy sleep routine little by little. Start by adjusting your nightly routine by 15 minutes each night until you work your way toward your target bedtime. After all, small adjustments are much easier to embrace than sudden, drastic ones.

Battle Back the Butterflies

Sometimes going back to school, transferring to a new school, or entering a new grade can be nerve-wracking for kids. Calm any fears your kids may have by emphasizing the positives like hanging out with friends, meeting new classmates, and getting involved in their favorite sports and activities. Remember to establish a healthy school night routine, give them a healthy breakfast each morning, and getting them organized before school starts.

Nurture Their independence

As your children grow and enter new grades, they will need to learn how to do many things on their own. Encourage your young children by having them practice tying their shoes and writing their name. For older students, begin talking to them about their responsibilities before the school year begins. These should include organizing their school materials, writing down their assignments, and bringing home their homework every night. 

Set Up a Regular Homework Station

Make homework part of your children’s daily routine by establishing a set time and place for studying when they come home. Also, try to make yourself as available as possible during this time, especially for younger children. Even if you’re preparing dinner, you should be around to check in on their progress each day.

Determine After-School Plans

Since school gets out before most working parents get home, it’s essential to figure out where your children will go or who will be at home in the afternoon once school is out. Have an older sibling take your younger children home after school, or see if there are any after-school programs through the school that your children can attend. 

Make Plans to Attend Orientations

Many schools will have an orientation day for students and parents to meet the key players in the school – the teachers, principal, counselors, and front desk staff – and to become familiar with the school and where their classrooms will be. Make plans to go to the orientation with your children and meet their teachers and the staff. Your children will feel more comfortable, and you’ll have the chance to chat with the school personnel.