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Remember to label your camper's belongings. If you don't, you might be amazed at what your child brings home (or leaves behind).

What to take to summer camp

  1. Comfortable clothing, including swimwear and sleepwear
  2. Hat with a brim
  3. Rain gear
  4. Sturdy footwear (running shoes, sandals, at least one pair that's waterproof)
  5. Toiletries
  6. Bedding and towels
  7. Flashlight
  8. Water bottle
  9. Sunscreen and insect repellent
  10. Optional items such as: musical instruments, camera, writing supplies (pen, paper, stamped envelopes), books, games, small backpack (maybe even a small surprise treat!)

What to leave at home

  1. Electronic games and personal listening devices
  2. Cellphone
  3. Expensive items that will devastate your child if they are broken or lost
  4. Too much money; a modest amount is all that's needed to buy the occasional treat or souvenir at the tuck shop